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Collaboration with She Reads Truth

Early last year I was asked by the awesome folks at She Reads Truth if I would like to help with a big exciting project that they had in the works. I love what they do, and what they stand for, and was doubly excited when I learned that they were working with Lifeway Publishing to produce a Study Bible. 

I was one of many artists and writers and designers who contributed. I created six illustrations, each of which is an opening image for six different books of the Bible. A few weeks ago I received my own copy, and guys, I have to say, they did such a great job of putting it together. They included a bunch of thoughtfully designed maps, charts, and timelines. The font styles were carefully chosen, and there's plenty of room to write in the margins, if that's your thing. It's beautiful, and functional, and timeless, and I'm thrilled to have been able to play a small part.

These are all the images that I created, but you can see more, and read all about it, and get your own right HERE.